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Institute of Oceanography
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Marine Ecosystem Evolution in a Changing Environment
Sub-Project “Module Zooplankton”
(2009 - 2011 )

Andreas Moll (Institute of Oceanography (IfM), University of Hamburg - ZMAW)
Mike St. John (Institute of Hydrobiology (IHF), University of Hamburg - ZMAW)

MEECE is a European Commission Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) project including 21 partners from Universities, Marine Institutes and small private companies across Europe. MEECE will investigate the sensitivities and potential responses of marine ecosystems to both climatic change and the direct effects of human activity. The focus on the research will be on the most important components of both the planktonic and benthic ecosystems. The project is coordinated by Plymouth Marine Laboratory in the UK and runs from 2008-2012.

The University of Hamburg is one of the partners represented by the Institute of Hydrobiology and Fisheries Management (Prof. Mike St. John) responsible for creating a library of models for wider use beyond the life of the project. Together with the Institute of Oceanography (Dr. Andreas Moll) this sub-project concentrates on the North Sea to improve the knowledge base on marine zooplankton dynamics and their response to climate and anthropogenic driving forces (as changes in ocean circulation, stratification, temperature, ocean acidification, consequences of pollution, eutrophication and overfishing).

A number of structured populaton models of marine copepods exist. One of them is the IfM-Hamburg Module for Pseudocalanus elongates embedded in ECOHAM (the ECOsystem model, HAMburg) in competion to bulk zooplankton. Using this model system the impacts of the driving forces will be studied for selected annual cycles and a long-term simulation 1970-2006 hindcast.

Contact: moll(at)