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Variability of Exchanges
In the Northern Seas


VEINS has been a cooperation of 18 partners form 8 European countries funded by the European Union under the Fourth Framework Programme, Marine Science and Technology MAST III, contract number MAS3-CT96-0070.

VEINS started in February 1997 and the field work ended in July 2000, analysis and interpretation of the field and model data is still ongoing.

The project was aimed at measuring and modelling the oceanic fluxes between the Arctic and the North Atlantic Ocean through the Nordic Seas in order to develop an optimised measurement system for the longer term variability of these fluxes. The means of operation have been time series measurement with moored instrumentation and repeat hydrography in the major passages of the Nordic Seas as well as modelling individual passages and the total research area of VEINS.

Area of field and modelling activities:


Though the duration of the project was short and time series did not exceed three years, the project has shown that synoptic fluxes can be obtained by the methods applied, that significant changes in the fluxes do occur and that the observational effort cannot be reduced for longer term observations. This is due to the complexity of flows through the individual passages and the incoherence of signal variability in the different regions of the VEINS area. For the organisation and the co-ordination of this project a simple management scheme was adopted. It has proven highly sufficient mainly because of the homogeneity of the scientific task and the high level of experience within the individual workpackages.

This page was created by the Andrea Frische, VEINS Project Office. Since the project ended in 2000 there is no more project office. For more information please contact the project-coordinator: Prof Dr Jens Meincke

Institut für Meereskunde der Universität Hamburg, Troplowitzstrasse 7, 22529 Hamburg, GERMANY

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