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Expedition MSM 18-4 (ABIMIX) will study transformations of specific water mass properties of South Atlantic Central Water (SACW) in the Angola gyre and its interaction with the Benguela upwelling system. The main focus will be on the dynamics of eastern boundary currents and on nutrient enrichment in the central water layer of the Angola gyre. This will be carried out using an interdiciplinary approach that combines hydrographic, biogeochemical and optical observations, furthermore measurements of turbulence parameters and primary production. By the export of suboxic and nutrient rich water with the Angola current, processes in the Angola gyre have strong influence on ambient ecosystems. The spreading of SACW with the Angola current through the Angola Benguela Frontal Zone (ABFZ) and its role as source water mass of the Benguela upwelling will be investigated at two cross shelf transects near the ABFZ. Other main topics will be investigations of biodiversity in the Angola gyre and of adaption of zoo- and ichthyoplankton on hypoxic conditions. The climatic changes over the last decades have impacted the structure of pelagic communities. Significant shifts in the ichthyoplankton community were observed in the Northern Benguela area. Here the physiological reactions of organisms to shifts in temperature and oxygen will be investigated in the same or closely related species from three areas with different temperature conditions: warm Angolan tropical waters, mixed Angola-Benguela Front waters, and cooler North Benguela waters.

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