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Some of the participants
Foggy London

2nd THOR End-user workshop, London, 24 October 2012

Topic: Decadal predictions and the RAPID-WATCH

Venue: The Center Point, London

Organization: Chiara Bearzotti UHAM/ Matt Palmer Met O

Partners participating: UREAD, Met O, SAMS, NOC, CEFAS, UHAM

Agenda: download


Ed Hawkins (Univ. Reading): download presentation (PPT

Doug Smith (Met Office): download presentation (PPT)

Stuart Cunningham (Scottish Marine Institute): download presentation (PDF)

Stephen Dye (MCCIP/Center for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences): download presentation (PPT)

Richard Templer (Climate KIC UK): download presentation (PPT)

Chiara Bearzotti (THOR project office): download presentation (PDF)


CT2 Workshop, Paris, 30-31 May 2012

Topic: Hosing experiments intercomparison project- Results of the new simulations

Venue: LOCEAN/IPSL, 4th floor of the tower 45-55, door 417, 4 Place Jussieu, 75005, Paris, France

Organisation: Didier Swingedouw IPSL/UPMC and project office, Chiara Bearzotti

Partners participating: MPI-M, UiB, UPMC, DMI, GEOMAR, NERC, MET O, UHAM

Agenda: download

CT3 Workshop, 7-9 May 2012

Venue: NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Landsdiep 4, 1797 Den Hoorn Texel (NL)

Registration: please register here for the meeting

Organisation: Svein Østerhus (CT3 Leader), Laura de Steur (NIOZ), and Chiara Bearzotti (project office, UHAM)

Partners participating: all CT3 scientists

Agenda: a first draft of the agenda is available for download

CT3 pre-workshop, Copenhagen, 5-6 March 2012

Topic: Faroe-Shetland Atlantic inflow branch

Location: DMI, Copenhagen, 5-6 March 2012

Host: DMI

Organisation: HAV (Bogi Hansen)

Partners participating: HAV, DMI, UiB, Unires, SAMS

November 09-11, 2011 | 3rd Project Annual Meeting | THOR-ASOF Joint Seminar

Location: Bergen, Norway

Participants: members of THOR and ASOF

Host of the meeting: UiB

Venue of the meeting: Rica Hotel, Bergen (NO)

For more information on this event, visit this page.

October 25-27, 2011 | BSH - 1st symposium on "The Future of Operational Oceanography"

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Host of the meeting: BSH

Information available at

July 12-15, 2011 | RAPID-US AMOC International Science Meeting

Location: Bristol, UK

Host of the meeting: NERC

Information available at:

April 03-08, 2011 | EGU 2011 Vienna, Austria

The European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2011 (EGU2011) will be held in Vienna, Austria, from the 3rd to the 8th of April. Session CL3.1/NP5.5 on "Decadal, seasonal and monthly forecasts" is co-organized by Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, THOR member from KNMI (NL) together with other scientists from IC3 Spain, MeteoSwiss and RMI Belgium.

More information and the meeting program can be viewed at

March 29-31, 2011 | CT3 Meeting

Meeting of observational groups, focus: upcoming activities and the related delivereabls in November 2011.

Contact: Svein Østerhus (UiB)

March 09-10, 2011 | CT1 Meeting

Workshop combining palaeo-proxies from the North Atlantic with the millennium simulations (MPI + a few other models). The workshop will start at 12:00 on March 9th (Wed.), end on March 10th (Thu.) around 14:00.

Contact: Katja Lohmann and Johann Jungclaus (MPI-M)

November 17-18, 2010 | 2nd Project Annual Meeting

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Participants: Project members and external experts

Host of the meeting: DMI

Download the preliminary agenda (as of 2010-10-25)

October 01, 2010 | Project End-User Workshop

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Focus: The workshop focuses on an interactive exchange between scientific community
in the field of climate and marine research, boundary organizations such as European
and Federal Environment Agencies, and industries including instrumental manufacturers
and insurance agencies about the development and the risk of breakdown of the
Thermohaline Circulation (THC) and its impact on climate changes, particularly in Europe.

Download the meeting minutes (2010-10-01)

Presentations available to download in internal area, please request your access to member only area at THOR.EU@we dont want


14 - 16 April 2010 | Subpolar North Atlantic Workshop, Durham

Location: Duke University, Durham, NC, USA

Organizer: Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University

Agenda | 2nd Annual Progress Report

February 22-26, 2010 | Ocean Sciences Meeting

Location: Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon

November 25-26, 2009 | 1st Project Annual Meeting

Location: Paris, France

Participants: Project members and external experts

Host of the meeting: Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Preliminary Agenda (2009-10-31)

November 24, 2009 | CT2 Meeting

Location: UPMC, Paris

Contact: Marie-Noelle Houssais

November 10-12, 2009 | DAMOCLES Symposium

Subject: The Arctic Climate system; its present status, future evolution and potential impacts

Location: Brussels

THOR presentation and poster planned

Contact: Detlef, Johan, Chenbo

November 4-6, 2009 | THOR co-sponsored workshop on "Earth System Initialization for Decadal Predictions"

Location: KNMI, Utrecht Netherlands

Programm available at

Contact: Wilco Hazeleger

November 3, 2009 | CT4 Meeting

Joint THOR-COMBINE decadal prediction meeting

Location: KNMI, Utrecht Netherlands

Contact: Wilco Hazeleger

October 08-09, 2009 |3rd GEO European Projects Workshop

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

THOR Poster submitted

Contact: Detlef, Chenbo

October 02-03, 2009 | EU Press Briefing

The event is organized by the European Commission and will highlight projects in the field of marine biodiversity, corals/plankton and climate change.

Contact: Detlef

October 01-02, 2009 | CT Meeting

Topic: CT 1

Location: Bergen, Norway

Host of the meeting: University of Bergen

Person and Institution in charge: Johann Jungclaus (MPG-M) and co-lead: Kikki Kleiven (UiB)

September 21-25, 2009 |OceanObs'09

Location: Venice, Italy

THOR Poster submitted

Contact: Svein, Nuno

July 15, 2009 | CT Meeting

Topic: Workpackage 4

Location: Reading, UK

Person and Institution in charge of the workpackage: Wilco Hazeleger | KNMI

Host of the meeting: University of Reading

June 25-26, 2009 | CT Meeting

Topic: Core Theme 3 - Observation of the North Atlantic THC

Location: Torshavn, FO

Download the list of participants and meeting proposals here


January 12-13, 2009 | Project Meeting

Topic: THOR Kickoff meeting

Location: Hamburg, DE

Person and Institution in charge of the CT: Detlef Quadfasel | UHAM

Participants: All THOR participating institutions, EC representative

December 1, 2008 | Offcial Start of THOR

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