Core Themes | Work Packages

CT 1: Quantifying and modeling THC variability using palaeoclimate observations and simulations

WP1.1. Analyses of millennium-scale simulations with coupled atmosphere-ocean general circulation models
WP1.2. THC and related climate variables during the last millennium from palaeo observations

CT 2: Assessing sources of uncertainty in ocean analyses and forecasts 

WP 2.1. Assessing uncertainty in ocean analyses
WP 2.2. Assessing modelling uncertainty: Greenland ice sheet
WP 2.3. Assessing modelling uncertainty: Ocean fresh water distribution

CT 3: Observation of the North Atlantic THC

WP 3.1. Sustained observations of ocean properties and fluxes through key sections
WP 3.2. Monitoring water mass formation in convection regions south of the ridge
WP 3.3. Process studies

CT 4: Predictability of the THC

WP 4.1. Coordinated Multi-model Ensemble Experiments to Assess the Predictability of the THC
WP 4.2. Impact of Ocean Observations on THC predictions

CT 5:Development of coupled ocean-atmosphere assimilation capabilities

WP 5.1. Development of near real time data transmission for moored observatories
WP 5.2. Development of coupled ocean-atmosphere assimilation capabilities

Project status

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-Project Status ( state of progress on 21 March 2011)


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