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THOR Management Structure

Governing Board (GB)
The GB consisting of all contractors. It acts upon proposals from the Scientific and Executive Steering Committee and decide all major amendments relative to the contract and the Consortium Agreement, inclusion and withdrawal of partners or termination of the project. The chairman of the board shall be elected from the members of the board and can not be member of the Scientific Steering and Executive Committee.

Scientific Steering and Executive Committee (SSEC)
The SSEC makes propositions to the Governing Board on the project work plan, budgets, and other matters necessary for the project advancement and success, both with respect to scientific and operational matters. It is composed of the Core Theme leaders and of the Co-ordinator and his Deputy Co-ordinator. It is chaired by the Project Co-ordinator (Detlef Quadfasel).

Coordinator and the Project Office
The coordinator and the project office at the Institut für Meereskunde | University of Hamburg are responsible for the day-to-day management of the project and communication with the European Commission, the GB and the SSEC. The Project Office consists of the Coordinator (Detlef Quadfasel), Project Manager (Chiara Bearzotti) and a Data Manager (tba). It will further be supported by various permanent staff at University of Hamburg. As a fall back for unforeseen incidents Johann Jungclaus (MPG-M) will be appointed Deputy Coordinator.

Core Theme Leaders
The core theme leaders are responsible for the planning of and reporting on all research activities related to their core themes. They report to the Project Coordinator and are members of the SSEC. Each core theme includes various number of work packages.
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Work Package Leaders
The work package leaders are responsible for the work and reporting undertaken in the individual activities. They will work closely with the core theme leaders in all matters of scientific technical and logistical matters. At the beginning of the project activities are equivalent to work packages, which may however change during the course of the project. A close cooperation between Task leaders and Work package managers will be ensured.

Moreover two advisory panels will be established for the projects:
• An International Advisory Panel, which will ensure external scientific evaluation of the project and links to other programme activities outside Europe. It is anticipated that the panel will have three members who will attend the annual meetings of the project.
• A Gender Panel, which will develop the THOR Gender Action Plan and give advice to the SSEC on its implementation. 



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