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WIT Contributions at the EAGE Annual Meeting 2015 in Madrid

At this year's EAGE meeting, WIT researchers will present on a multitude of topics.

As we have already announced, WIT team leaders are convenors of two workshops during the conference:

  • On Monday June 1st, there will be a full-day workshop, entitled “Seismic Imaging – Latest Developments” by Kees Wapenaar, Stefan Buske, and Dirk Gajewski including the following presentations:

    • WS06-A03: Handling the Conflicting Dip Problem in the CRS/i-CRS Methods (J. Walda* and D. Gajewski)
    • WS06-A04: 3D CRS-based Prestack Diffraction Separation and Imaging (P. Bakhtiari Rad*, C. Vanelle, and D. Gajewski)
    • WS06-A05: Zero-offset Based Prediction of Common-offset Diffraction Traveltimes (A. Bauer*, B. Schwarz, and D. Gajewski)

  • Also on Monday, June 1st, there will be a full-day workshop on ”Full Waveform Inversion for Near-surface Characterization” by Jan van der Kruk and Thomas Bohlen including the following presentation:

    • WS10-C02: Applications of 2-D Elastic Full Waveform Inversion to Shallow Seismic Rayleigh Waves (T. Bohlen*, T. Forbriger, L. Groos, M. Schäfer, C. Wolf, and M. Binnig)

In addition to the workshops, we are proud to announce the following contributions:

  • WS12-A02: Understanding and Analysing Seismic Images - Insight through Appropriate Modelling (I. Lecomte*, P. Lubrano-Lavadera, and D.W. Schmid)
  • We N107 09: Handling the Conflicting Dip Problem in the CRS/iCRS Methods (J. Walda* and D. Gajewski)
  • We N107 11: Shifted Hyperbola Revisited - The Two Faces of NMO (B. Schwarz*, C. Vanelle, and D. Gajewski)
  • We N107 13: Global Optimization of the CRS Operator Using a Genetic Algorithm (J. Walda*and D. Gajewski)
  • We N116 02: 3D CRS-based Prestack Diffraction Separation and Enhancement (P. Bakhtiari Rad* and D. Gajewski)
  • We N116 03: Detection of Diffractions on GPR Data Using Support Vector Classifiers (S. Maciel* and R. Biloti)
  • We P1 04: Remigration-trajectory Time-migration Velocity Analysis in Regions with Strong Velocity Variations (H.B. Santos*, T.A. Coimbra, J. Schleicher, and A. Novais)
  • We P1 07 A Wavefront-propagation Strategy for Time-to-depth Conversion (L.S.S. Valente, H.B. Santos*, J.C. Costa, and J. Schleicher)
  • Th P5 09: Viscoacoustic Full Waveform Inversion for Spatially Correlated and Uncorrelated Problems in Reflection Seismics (A. Kurzmann*, R. Shigapov, and T. Bohlen)
  • Tu P7 03: Higher Order FDTD Seismic Modelling Using the Staggered Adams-Bashforth Time Integrator (T. Bohlen* and F. Wittkamp)

You can find more information on the presentations in the Research News section.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Madrid!

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