IBS Conference on Climate Change and Human Migration

27 November - 1 December, 2017, Busan, South Korea

The 2017 International IBS Conference on Climate Change and Human Migration will be held in Busan, South Korea from 27th November to 1st December 2017.

The main goal of this conference is to discuss aspects of climate-induced human migration and to determine how climate predictions can help assess and mitigate impacts of climate-driven human displacement.

During the first two days of the conference (November 27th – 28th) world-renowned experts will give keynote presentations on:

  • Climate Change, Anthropology, and Human Migration
  • Climate and Civilization
  • Drought and Water Management
  • Climate and Food Security
  • Sea Level Rise and Relocation
  • Climate Justice
  • Archeological Perspectives on Climate-induced Human Migration
  • Climate Prediction and its potential application in Humanitarian Crisis Management

The last three days (November 29th – December 1st) are dedicated to in-depth presentations on these key topics.

The conference is organized by the Institute for Basic Science (IBS), the IBS Center for Climate Physics, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Seoul, the APEC Climate Center, and Pusan National University.

Registration deadline is 10th November 2017. Further information can be found here.