ESA Cryosphere Remote Sensing Training Course 2018

11-16 June 2018, UNIS, University Centre in Svalbard, Longyearbyen, Svalbard

As part of the Earth Observation (EO) Science for Society - Scientific Exploitation element of Earth Observation Envelope Programme (EOEP)-5 program, the European Space Agency (ESA) is organizing an advanced training course on remote sensing of the Cryosphere, devoted to train the next generation of scientists and specialists to exploit EO data for science and applications.

Postgraduate-level, PhD students, post-doctoral research scientists and users from Europe and Canada interested in applications of remote sensing of the Cryosphere are welcome to apply to the 6-day course, which will take place between 11-16 June 2018 at the University Centre in Svalbard, located in Longyearbyen, Norway. Participants from all other countries are also welcome to apply, subject to availability of places.

The Advanced Cryosphere Training Course will provide advanced scientific knowledge on theory and applications for Cryosphere remote sensing. It aims at: 

  • To train the next generation of scientists on Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere;
  • To provide an advanced understanding of theoretical principles, processing algorithms, data products and their use in applications;
  • To give hands-on practice with tools and methods for satellite data exploitation as well as fieldwork experience for in-situ cryosphere-related data collection;
  • To provide insights of EO challenges/opportunities within the polar context for further studies.

A preliminary programme of the course is now available. The course will be organised around 5 main topics:

  • State of art of EO of the Cryosphere and presentation of the Sentinel ESA/National and Third Party Cryosphere missions and Svalbard geographical importance within EO data system;
  • Theoretical fundamentals of spaceborne optical, thermal and SAR remote sensing;
  • Lectures on EO Cryosphere applications;
  • Praticals using toolboxes for data exploitation, processing and product demonstrations;
  • Fieldwork for in-situ data collection.

The formal lectures will be given by leading scientists and professors and computing exercises will take place on a virtual machine. The half-day fieldwork will be held during the week for posterior integration with satellite data. Participants are expected to give a lightning talk on their current relevant research.

Deadline of applications is 15 December 2017. No participation fees will be charged for the training.

You can download the flyer of the ESA Cryosphere Remote Sensing training course here. Further information on the course, the application process and updates on the course can be found here.