"Berlin on the Baltic Sea- unimaginable or soon reality?", Focus@Helmholtz discussion series

28th June 2017, Berlin, Germany

Now in summer, many people enjoy the beaches of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. But the popular coastal regions are subject not only to weather-induced but also to climatic changes. By the end of the century, for example, the sea level of the Baltic Sea could rise by 30 to 80 centimeters. How long, then, will the coasts still exist in their familiar form? And what does this mean for the quality of the water? We can not stop many changes, but react to them. What do we have to do and what can we do to protect our coasts?

The Focus @ Helmholtz, a discussion series of the Helmholtz Association that brings together research, politics and society, is organizing a new episode with topic: "Berlin on the Baltic Sea - unimaginable or soon reality?" on June 28, 2017 in Berlin.

The Focus @ Helmholtz would like to invite all to take a look at the current research in the North and East Sea region and to get in touch with politicians, scientists and experts.

You can download the flyer here and find further information on the invitation and registration to the event here.