PEPSEA Workshop 2017: People at Risk? Extremes in a Changing World

16th March 2017, Siegen, Germany

Our SPP SeaLevel colleague Prof. Jürgen Jensen and the University of Siegen are organizing a workshop on "People at Risk? Extremes in a changing world" on 16th March 2017, which will take place at the University of Siegen. 

The workshop will discuss the scientific challenges of extreme events, such as storms, hail, thunderstorms and heat periods, their damaging impacts on societies and the associated financial crises. Invited speakers include:

1. Stefan Rahmstorf (PIK Potsdam, Germany): "Extreme weather events in a warming climate"

2. Christian Genest (McGill University, Canada): "Modeling cluster of extreme values"

3. Roland Gehrels (University of York, Great Britain): "Global sea level variability in the Common Era"