Data Ingest since 2010

The long-term data acquisition within OceanRAIN aims at systematic data collection, quality controlling, archiving, analyzing and the distribution of high quality shipboard surface precipitation data by providing flag separations for the precipitation phase, applying rain- and snowfall algorithms for occurrence, intensities and accumulations together with phase-distinctive PSDs in minute intervals. The scope of the data collection effort also comprises collection of ancillary automated surface meteorological data and navigational data provided by the ship operators together with ship bridge weather and precipitation type observations. These separately recorded incoming data streams are navigated, collocated, quality controlled, checked for metadata, data reliability and are finally merged into the OceanRAIN data products. These products contain precipitation intensity time series and PSDs in minute intervals and are analyzed and distributed with the goal to provide a comprehensive statistical basis of global ocean precipitation for all climatic regions. Suspect and erroneous data is rigorously excluded from the data records using automatic preprocessing routines followed by visual inspection of all parameters and metadata checks. The output is written to standard ASCII and netCDF format. In the following the procedures of the data set construction are described in detail.

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