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Presentations and posters

[October 2012]

16th AOMIP Workshop, October 23-26, 2012, Woods-Hole, USA

Interventions of Houssais, M.-N., C. Herbaut, A. Martin, D. Iovino and A.-C. Blaizot, 2012 : Dynamics of the Norwegian Atlantic Current from high resolution modelling

[August 2012]

AOGS – AGU (WPGM) Joint Assembly 13 to 17 August, 2012

Resorts World Convention Centre, Singapore

Presentation by Erik Behrens, Claus Böning and Arne Biastoch (GEOMAR) "On the impact of the eddies in Greenland melting scenario "

IPY. Montreal 22-27 April 2012

[April 2012]

International Polar Year conference 2012 'From Knowledge to Action', Montreal (CA), 22-27 April 2012

Broschure of THOR project: download

THOR CT3 scientists will present talks and posters at the conference:

Svein Oesterhus (UiB-Norway):

  • Bipolar Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation: poster
  • Ocean Weather Ship Station M 1948-2009 - The End of the North Atlantic Weather Ship Era: poster
  • Long Term Variations of the Ice Shelf Water in the Southern Weddell Sea, Polar Ocean Processes: abstract of the paper

Bogi Hansen (HAV- Faroe Islands):

Steingrimur Jonsson (MRI- Iceland)

Bert Rudels (FMI-Finland)

  • The Influence of the Barents Sea Inflow Branch on the Arctic Ocean Circulation and Water Mass Transformation Processes: abstract of the paper

Marie-Noelle Houssais and Christophe Herbaut (UPMC-LOCEAN)

  • Variability of the Arctic Fresh Water Reservoir and Its Link to the Atmosphere: poster
  • Impact of the Nordic Seas mesoscale dynamics on the exchanges over the Greenland Scotland Ridge to the Atlantic MOC: poster


[March 2012]

Seminar at MPG, Hamburg (DE) 27 March 2012

Title: North Atlantic climate and ocean circulation variability during the last millennium in paleo reconstructions and simulations

Authors: Johann Jungclaus and Katja Lohmann (MPG), Juliette Mignot (UPMC-LOCEAN),  Helene Langehaug, Ulysses Ninnemann, Tor Lien Mjell, Kikki Kleiven Odd Helge Otterå (UiB)

Abstract: download

Presentation in full: download PDF

[February 2012]

Consultive workshop Seas-era EUFP7 ERA-NET, Ostend (BE), 28-29 February 2012

Presentation submitted at the Seas-Era Atlantic Consultative Workshop

Contact: Detlef Quadfasel (Coordinator)

Presentation: download

Abstract: download

Link to the conference:

[February 2012]

Ocean Sciences Meeting 19-23 February, Salt Lake City (USA)

[January 2012]

Conference "Atelier de la modelisation Atmosphere 2012" in Toulouse, France, 23-27.01.2012

Intervention of Guillaume Gastineau, Fabio d'Andrea, Claude Frankignoul  (UPMC) on the Réponse atmosphérique à l'océan Nord Atlantique aux échelles de temps saisonnières à décennales

[December 2011]

AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco (USA), 5-9 December 2011

Montserrat Alonso-Garcia, Benjamin P. Flower, Helga F. Kleiven and John T. Andrews. Relationship between solar irradiance and climatic variability in the subpolar North Atlantic since the Medieval Warm Perio, AGU Fall meeting 5-9 December 2011. Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract PP51A-1813: download

[October 2011]

1st symposium on the Future of Operational Oceanography, Hamburg (DE), 25-27 October 2011

Location: CCH - Congress Center Hamburg, Germany
Organiser: Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie, Hamburg

Presentation on the variability in Denmark Strait submitted at the symposium: download

Website of the symposium:

[September 2011]

Bjerknes Climate conference : Climate change in high latitudes

Intervention of Dorotea Iovino, Christophe Herbaut, Marie-Noelle Houssais on the "The role of mesoscale dynamics on the transformation of water masses in the Nordic Seas" (abstract)

[July 2011]

XVIII INQUA Conference, Bern (CH), 22-27 July, 2011

H.F. Kleiven, Y. Rosenthal and U.S. Ninnemann (2011), Climate and North Atlantic Deep Water variability since 600 AD:


RAPID US WATCH, Bristol (UK), 12-15 July 2011

Presentation and abstract of Camille Marini (UPMC-LOCEAN): download


[May 2011]

ICES/NAFO Decadal Symposium on the Variability of the North Atlantic and its Marine Ecosystems during 2000-2009, Santander (ES), May 2011

 Dye, S. R., S. Hall, K.J. Heywood & M. R. Wadley, Properties and variability of the Denmark Strait Overflow in the 21st Century :


[April 2011]

EGU General Assembly 2011, Vienna (AT), 3–8 April 2011

Tor Lien Mjell, Ulysses Silas Ninnemann, Helga Flesche Kleiven and Ian Hall. Variability in ISOW Vigor Over the Last two Millennia and its Relationship to Climate, Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 13, EGU2011-9777, 2011: download


[March 2011]

Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Seminar Series, of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia (UK), March 2011

S. Hall, K. Heywood, M. Wadley, S. Dye, (2011) Wind Forcing of Denmark Strait Overflow Salinity Anomalies: donwload

[December 2010]

AGU Fall Meeting 2010, San Francisco (USA), December 2010

  • Murray, T.; Luckman, A. J.; Scharrer, K.; Cottier, F.; Bevan, S. L.; Dye, S.; Goldsack, A.; Hughes, A. L.; James, T. D.; Selmes, N.; Valdimarsson, H. (2010) The response of the calving front of Helheim Glacier to significant warming of fjord waters, 2009-2010 (Invited) AGU Fall Meeting 2010 Abstracts Abstract OS54B-03, San Francisco, December 201:
  • Yashayaev, I.; Bacon, S.; de Jong, F.; Dye, S.; Fischer, J.; Holliday, N. P.; Kieke, D.; Quadfasel, D. R.; Rhein, M.; Sarafanov, A.; Valdimarsson, H.; van Aken, H. M. (2010). Spatial and Temporal Variability of Temperature and Salinity in the Deep and Abyssal Layers of the Subpolar North Atlantic. AGU Fall Meeting 2010 Abstracts. Abstract C12B-05, San Francisco, December 2010  Download:

[September 2010]

Ocean Challenges in the 21st Century, 14th Biennial conference of the Challenger Society for Marine Science, Southampton (UK), 6-9 September 2010

S. Hall, K. Heywood, M. Wadley, & S. Dye (2010), The variability of the Denmark Strait Overflow.

The full presentation is available here:

[August 2010]

10th International Conference of Paleoceanography, La Jolla (USA) 29.8-3.9.2010

H.F. Kleiven, Y. Rosenthal and U.S. Ninnemann, Climate and North Atlantic Deep Water variability since 600 AD: donwload

[June 2010]

International Polar Year Science Conference, Oslo (NO), 8-12 June 2010

S. Hall, K. Heywood, M. Wadley, S. Dye (2010), The variability of the Denmark Strait Overflow: download

[May 2010]

EGU2010-6402-1. EGU General Assembly 2010, 3-7 May 2010, Vienna (AT)

Bouinot, T., E.Cortijo, A. Govin, T. Mulder, and E. Gonthier (2010): North Atlantic subpolar and subtropical gyres variability during the last 2000 years, a contribution to the THOR project. Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 12, EGU2010-6402-1. EGU General Assembly 2010, 3-7 May 2010, Vienna, Austria: download

[April 2010]

Project progress update

The updated information and slideas are provided by the WP individually: download

[February 2010]

AGU Ocean Sciences 2010, Portland, Oregon 21-26 February, 2010

Hall, S., Heywood, K. J., Wadley, M., Dye, S. (2010), The Variability of the Denmark Strait Overflow, Eos Trans. AGU, 91(26), Ocean Sci. Meet. Suppl.

Donwload: Abstract P045D-01


[December 2009]

AGU Fall Meeting 2009, San Francisco, California, December 2009

  • Kleiven, H. F. and U. S. Ninnemann (2009), Climate and North Atlantic Deep Water variability since 600 AD: Multiproxy Evidence From the Eirik Drift. Eos Trans. AGU, 90(52), Fall Meeting Suppl., Abstract PP52A-08: download
  • Murray, T.; Scharrer, K.; James, T. D.; Dye, S.; Hanna, E.; Booth, A. Selmes, N.; Luckman, A. J.; Hughes, A. L.; Cook, S.; Huybrechts, P. (2009) Ocean regulation of glacier dynamics in south-east Greenland and implication for ice sheet mass changes . Eos Trans. AGU, 90(52), Fall Meeting Suppl., Abstract C11A-03:

[November 2009]

Symposium on the Arctic Climate system, its present status, future evolution and potential impacts, Brussels (BE)

Dates:10-12 November 2009

Location: Brussels

THOR Poster presented at the symposium: download

[October 2009]

European press briefing, Barcelona (ES)

Dates: 2-3 October 2009

Location: Barcelona

Organiser: European Commission

Presentation and abstract on THOR project: download

[September 2009]

3rd GEO European Projects Workshop, Istanbul (TR), 8-9 September 2009

Subject area: "Global data sets of the Global Earth Observation System (CT3)"

Contact: Chiara Bearzotti (project office)

Poster: download


OceanObs '09, Venice (IT), 21-25 Sept. 2009

Poster submitted to the session 2B "Large-scale ocean circulation and fluxes"(day 2)

Contact: CT3 - Nuno Nunes (project office), Svein Oesterhus (UiB)

Poster: download

Nunes, N., Østerhus, S. and THOR project partners, (2009): THOR: long term observations of MOC variability in the North Atlantic. OceanObs'09, Venice, Italy, 21-25.09.2009 (Poster) M12/1 Cruise 2009 poster: List of authors and materials.


[July 2009]

IAMAS, IAPSO and IACS Joint Assembly 2009 (MOCA-09), Montreal, Canada, 19-29 July 2009

Nunes, N., Østerhus, S. and THOR project partners, (2009): THOR: long term observations of MOC variability in the North Atlantic. Download:Poster

[April 2009]

EGU General Assembly, Vienna (AT), 19-24 April 2009

Murray, T.; Scharrer, K.; James, T.D.; Dye, S.; Hanna, E.; Booth, A.; Selmes, N.; Luckman, A. J.; Hughes, A. L.;  Huybrechts, P. (2009) Has dynamic thinning switched off in south-east Greenland? Geophysical Research Abstracts,Vol. 11, EGU2009-10095:

[March 2009]

Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions, Copenhagen (DK), 10-12 March 2009

Kleiven, H., I.V. Johansen and U. Ninnemann (2009): North Atlantic climate and deep water variability since 600 AD: download

[December 2008]

AGU Fall meeting 2008, San Francisco (USA), 15-19 December 2008

Mjell, T.L., U. S. Ninnemann and H. F. Kleiven (2008): Variability in ISOW Vigor Over the Last Millennium and its Relationship to Climate. 2008 Eos. Trans. AGU, 89 (53), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract PP11A-1373 (Master Thesis T.L. Mjell) download the full text of the thesis


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