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December 2013:

27.12.2013: Start of the GENUS Research cruise Meteor 103 (Leg 1 and 2), Call sign "NAMUFIL"
Dec. 27 2013 to Feb. 11 2014 (Walvis Bay - Walvis Bay)

Leg 1 was dedicated to sediment-water-interface exchange processes and a synoptic overview about the northern Benguela Upwelling System during weak upwelling conditions. Leg 2 focused on the succession of a filament. More...

November 2013:

19.11.2013: GENUS II plenary meeting at the University of Hamburg.

02.11.2013: GENUS was an active part of the "Hamburger Nacht des Wissens" (Science Night) at the University of Hamburg and showed two posters about the project work together with the podcast series about the scientific work on a research vessel. A true highlight was the exhibition of several marine life species from the upwelling region off Namibia presented by Rolf Koppelmann and Bettina Martin from the IHF Hamburg.

September 2013:

BCC Annual Science Forum in Windhoek from Sep. 22-26 2013.
Oral presentations by
Kay Emeis, GENUS Coordinator and SP-3 Biogeochemistry (Presentation)
Nele Tim, SP-1 Modelling (Presentation)
Anja Eggert, SP-2 Modelling (Presentation)
Werner Ekau, SP-4 Biology (Presentation)

Research cruise Meteor 100/1 from Sep. 01 to Oct. 01 (Walvis Bay - Walvis Bay) with the main focus on filament studies in the Northern Benguela Upwelling Area (call sign "NamBound"). More...

June 2013:

19.06.2013: Principal Investigators meet at Climate Service Center Hamburg in order to extract possible and potential publications that can be used as a synthesis of GENUS goals and findings.

May 2013:

27.05. - 31.05.2013: ADCP Workshop in Swakopmund as part of the GENUS Capacity Building Program.

07.05.2013: Second strategy meeting for GENUS expedition RV Meteor 100 at IHF in Hamburg.

April 2013:

GENUS II annual report submitted to "Projekttr├Ąger J├╝lich".

February 2013:

14.02.2013: First strategy meeting for GENUS expeditions RV Meteor 100 (September 2013) and RV Meteor 103 (December 2013 - February 2014) at ZMT in Bremen.


January 2013:

GENUS joined a research cruise off Walvis Bay with the new Namibian RV MIRABILIS.

The cruise was dedicated to the GENUS project work (mooring operations, water mass detection and plankton research). In addition, with several students from Namibia and Angola on board, this cruise was also part of the GENUS capacity building program and was supported by the subprojects 2, 3 and 5.

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