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Management structure


Goal: to make sure that the activities are implemented according to the plan and without delay

Project coordinator: Detlef Quadfasel (UHAM)

Deputy coordinator: Johann Jungclaus (MPG)

Project manager: Chenbo Guo (UHAM)

Steering Scientific Committe (SSEC)

Goal: steer the project, take appropriate decisions for steering the science and the partnership

The SSEC is made up of:

  • Project coordinator, Detlef Quadfasel
  • Deputy coordinator, Johann Jungclaus
  • Core theme leaders  Johann Jungclaus (CT1), Johannes Karstensen (CT2), Steffen M. Olsen (CT3), Mark Payne (CT4)

Governing Board

Goal: validates the major decisions concerning the project proposed by the SSEC

Members: It is made up of representatives from all partners (1 vote per project partner, it is chaired by the Coordinator

Gender panel

Goal: raise gender awareness within the project.

The Panel is made up of: Laura de Steur (NIOZ), Marie-Noelle Houssais (UPMC), Bogi Hansen (HAV)

Support: Project Office (UHAM)

Reports of the Gender Panel are available in the area "Deliverables & Publications" [>>]

International advisory panel

Goal: to ensure external scientific evaluation of the project and links to other programme activities outside Europe

Members: 3 international distinguished scientists (rotating mechanism)


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