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The cluster is separated into three work packages with a total of 12 sub-projects. The work packages are coordinated by a supervisor, who is supported by the heads of the three work packages. Together with a few sub-project heads, they form the assessment group.

A status seminar is held once a year, where the scientific development in the sub-projects will be discussed and cooperation encouraged. The project web page and email are used for daily information exchange. This exchange is controlled by the project coordination. The coordination's main work is public relations, which is realized in agreement with the BMBF.

Although the cluster ist separated into different work packages, the network is necessarily very tight. Hence, information and results are exchanged between sub-projects or certain aspects are based on the results of others.

Work package I: Circulation variations

This work package includes sub-projects contributing to the quantitative understanding of future circulation variations.

Work package II: Interactions

This package includes projects working on interactions and processes that influence the adaptation of circulation changes, based on measurements and observations.

Work package III: Effects

The sub-projects in this package deal with quantifiying the effect of a future circulation on different social parameters.

Figure: Work areas in RACE.

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