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Changes of the future Atlantic circulation always consists of superimpositions from natural and anthropogenic variations and longterm trends.

In view of the expected global change, following scientific topics need to be addressed:

  • Repercussions of the future circulation on regional heat and freshwater transports and the general interactions between parts of the Atlantic with adjacent seas, e.g. the Arctic.
  • Changes in the inter-hemispheric interactions between Antartic-Atlantic-Arctic.
  • Repercussions of future climate on upwelling areas and their influence on the local atmosphere, maritime ecosystem and fisheries.
  • Interactions of possible future Atlantic circulations with marginal seas, like the North and Baltic sea, and the associated changes in substance transports.
  • Climate change in Europe and northern Africa due to a future Atlantic circulation.
  • Repercussion of possible future Atlantic circulations on the global and regional sea level in the Atlantic, the Arctic and the European Shelf region.
  • Repercussion of the future CO2 intake and acidification of the Atlantic ocean.
  • How do climate modes change their pattern and periodicity in a future climate?
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