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24 September 2012 (vormittag)


"Stand der deutschen Meeresforschung"

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24 -26 September 2012

Joint Conference THOR-Nordatlantik

"North Atlantic Climate Variability"

Opening of the Conference with welcome and introduction: Detlef Stammer and Detlef Quadfasel, University of Hamburg

Andrea Tilche, European Commission, Head of Unit I4- Climate change and natural hazards, DG Research and Innovation

Topic 1: Observation system, Keynote speaker: Martin Visbeck

Topic 2: Natural variability, Keynote speaker: Jim Hurrell

Topic 3: Key process, Keynote speaker: Antonio Busalacchi

Topic 4: Predictability, Keynote speaker: Tim Palmer

Topic 5: Marginal seas and coastal impacts, Keynote speaker: Hans von Storch

Programme with the full list of interventions: download here

List of posters (Poster Session on 24 September 2012): download here

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