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1st Annual Meeting

Paris, 25-26 November 2009

CT Reports

Science talks

Science talks (1): MOC variability
1. Camille Marini Influence of the Southern Annular Mode on the AMOC variability in the IPSL coupled model
2.Claus Böning  Northern and southern influences on the MOC
3. Wonsun Park Internal and external variability of MOC in the Kiel Climate Model (ECHAM5/NEMO)
4. Joel Hirschi Update on RAPID-WATCH: new time series and data availability

Science talks (2): Model uncertainty and decadal predictions
5.Tim Palmer On representing model uncertainty in decadal climate integrations
6.Ed Hawkins Optimal perturbations and observations for decadal climate predictions
7.Bert Wouters Verification of decadal predictions in the North Atlantic region

Science talks (3): Variability of overflow
8.Tor Eldevik Observed sources and variability of Nordic seas overflow
9.Bogi Hansen Outflow from the Nordic Seas controls heat and salt import across the Iceland-Faroe Ridge
10.Rolf Kaese Nordic Seas Overflows in models and observations – a paradox?
11.Hendrik van Aken Variability of Denmark Strait Overflow Water
12.Bert Rudels Observations of turbulence and the mixing of water masses in the Denmark Strait Overflow plume

Science talks (4): North Atlantic subpolar variability
13.Gilles Reverdin North Atlantic subpolar gyre surface variability (1895-2009)
14.Yongqi Gao Response of North Atlantic Circulation to the realistic and anomalous wind stress
15.C. Herbaut, M. Houssais North Atlantic subpolar gyre forcing on the fresh water exchange with the Arctic Ocean
16.Nuno Nunes Recent changes in properties and circulation in the Labrador Sea
17.Toby Sherwin Wind-driven seasonal variations in the transport of NAW through the Faroe-Shetland Channel 

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