CT3 Meetings

Meetings CT3 (observation of the North Atlantic THC)

CT3 Meeting Texel, 7-9 May 2012

The meeting took place on the island of Texel, we were hosted by NIOZ during the sessions. 

Svein Oesterhus: CT3: to do list for the last reporting period and current status in CT3

Scientific presentations

1-Bee Berx-SAMS/MSS: Bee's 99 problems download

2-Nuno Nunes-UHAM: available soon for download

3-Steingrimur Jonsson -MRI: Variability and forcing of the flow of water masses on the north Icelandic shelf download 1 and Is the oceanic heat transport towards the Arctic changing? download 2

4-Bogi Hansen-HAV: The Faroe Bank Channel overflow has remained stable for the last 15 years download

5-Kerstin Jochumsen- UHAM: Variations of the Denmark strait overflow download

6-Juergen Fischer-GEOMAR: Intra-seasonal variability of the DWBC in the western subpolar North Atlantic download

7-Hendrik van Aken-NIOZ:The thermohaline variability of overflow waters in the northern North Atlantic Ocean download

8-Gerard McCarthy-NERC: Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation and Heat Flux Monitoring Array at 26.5°N download

9-Toby Sherwin-SAMS: Has the strength of the circulation of the North Atlantic Ocean changed in the last 50 years? download

10-Rolf Kaese (presented by Detlef Quadfasel)-UHAM: The overflow in the western channel of the Iceland-Faroe Ridge download

Minutes of the meeting: download

List of participants: download

CT3 Meeting Oban, 30-31 March 2011


1. Bee Berx: Atlantic Water in the Faroe Shetland Channel
2. Karin Larsen(1): Timeseries updates around the Faroes
3. Hedinn Valdimarsson: Atlantic inflow in DS
4. Kjetil Vaage: Formation of DS Overflow Water via boundary currents and transformation in the central Iceland Sea
5. Stephen Dye: Investigating causes of salinity anomalies in the DS Overflow plume
6. Kerstin Jochumsen: Hydrographic variability in Denmark Strait
7. Bob S. Pickart: The East Greenland Spill Jet: Origin and Dynamics (pls sent request to Bob directly)
8. Rolf Kaese: Transport of dense water across the shallow part of the ISR
9. Karin Larsen (2): The FBC overflow – updated time series
10. Anna Friedrichs: Current fluctuations in the Faroe Bank Channel
11. Bogi Hansen: Convective mixing in the Faroe Bank Channel overflow
12. Emily Venables: Vertical mixing in the Wyville Thomson Basin
13. Femke de Jong: Observing convective mixing in the central Irminger Sea
14. Juergen Fischer: Toward a synthesis of DSOW and NEADW transports in the LS
15. Hjalmar Hatun: Predictability of the NE Atlantic marine climate
16. Nick Dunstone: The importance of the North Atlantic Sub-Polar Gyre region in driving multi-annual variability in the tropical Atlantic
17. Kjetil Vaage (2): Circulation and convection of Irminger Sea
18. Toby Sherwin: WTR and FBC Transports
19. Nuno Nunes: Labrador Sea field activities
20. Laura de Steur: Changes in Arctic Ocean freshwater distribution and fluxes in Fram and Davis straits
21. Bob S. Pickart: New field program investigating the sources of water supplying the Denmark Strait overflowfileadmin/user_upload/thor/template/CT3/CT3Pickart.pdf


CT3 Meeting Paris, back to back to the annual meeting, 26 November 2009

See the meeting minutes: downloadfileadmin/user_upload/thor/template/CT3/CT3_ParisNov2009_Minutes.doc

CT3 Meeting Torshavn, 25-26 June 2009

See the meeting minutes: download