CT1 Meetings

Meetings CT 1 (Quantifying and modeling THC variability using palaeoclimate)

CT1 Summary, Paris, back to back with annual meeting, 26 November 2009

Summary of work: download

CT1 Workshop Bergen, 01-02 October, 2009

Contact persons: Kikki Kleiven & Johann Jungclaus

Minutes of the meeting: download


1) Juliette Mignot: Millenium simulations at IPSL by C. Frankignoul, G. Gastineau, C. Marini, J. Mignot (UPMC) download

2) Wonsun Park: Internal and external variability of MOC in the Kiel Climate Model (ECHAM5/NEMO)  GEOMAR, Kiel download

3) Odd Helge Ottera: Atlantic Multidecadal Variability and the role of natural forcing in BCM, by Odd Helge Ottera, Mats Bentsen, Lingling Suo and Helene Langehaug (NERSC/UiB/Bjerknes centre)  download

4) Katja Lohmann: The AMOC in the MPI-M Millennium Integrations by Katja Lohmann and Johann Jungclaus (MPI-M)  download