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Podcasts: Discovery 2010

The GENUS project Phase I was accompanied by a series of movie podcasts. These short movies give insight into the basic ideas and goals of the project and show how data acquisition and field work on various research vessels are performed.

The podcasts are broadcasted on various platforms:




Or you can directly access each episode here:

                      German Versions                                                   English Versions

                                                  GENUS Trailer and Project Overview

                                       Subproject 2: Oceanography and Phytoplankton

                                                     Subproject 3: Nitrogen Cycle

                                       Subproject 4: Carbon Cycle and Ichthyoplankton

                                              Subproject 5: Meso- and Makrozooplankton

                                                   Subproject 6: Copepods and Decapods

                                                                    Subproject 7: Krill

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