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CT3 Data Collection

Observational Data 

The THOR observational database is currently accessible by default only to the project members, but it may also be used by external researchers. To request access, get in touch with the project's data manager or the PIs responsible for the data sets of interest.
Update and maintenance of the reference data base are taken care of by:

Nuno Nunes
THOR Data manager

UHAM | University of Hamburg

Tel: +49 (0) 42838 9045

Fax: +49 (0) 42838 7447

E-mail: nuno.nunes at


Available data sets:

(also as locations on a clickable map)


  1. Faroe Bank Channel overflow transport
  2. Hornbanki section Atlantic inflow volume and heat fluxes
  3. Labrador Sea western boundary current transport at 53° N
  4. RAPID — transport of MOC components at 26.5° N
  5. Wyville Thomson Ridge overflow transport
  6. Faroe Shetland Channel volume, heat and salt fluxes of Atlantic Water, and total fluxes
  7. Denmark Strait overflow transport
  8. Iceland-Faroes Atlantic inflow


  1. Hornbanki section hydrography
  2. Irminger Sea hydrography
  3. Nordic Seas hydrography
  4. Denmark Strait hydrography
  5. Central Labrador Sea temperature time series
  6. Properties of the Atlantic Water Core in the Faroe Current


  1. Denmark Strait overflow plume

Mooring data

  1. Angmagssalik array
Institutes in charge of the cruises
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