CT4 Data Collection

Data Exchange for CT4

Contact details:
Noel Keenlyside
Tel. +49-431-600 40 54

The following sftp site is available for sharing CT4 data:

thor-ct4@we dont want spamhanuma.ifm-geomar.de

The site can be accessed only with sftp (command description below) from any machine whose ssh public key has been included in the list of authorised keys. To create the public key type

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048

then choose a (secure) password and confirm it. Now two files will be created (by default usually in the directory $HOME/.ssh): id_rsa and id_rsa.pub. When this is done, please send a copy of the public key id_rsa.pub to Jin Ba (jba@we dont want spamifm-geomar.de) or Noel Keenlyside (nkeenlyside@we dont want spamifm-geomar.de).

There is a directory for each modelling centre:


Users are requested to provide information on the data, as required. The command for interactive access to the sftp sites is as follows:

sftp -oPort=42686  thor-ct4@hanuma.ifm-geomar.de

Access is also possible in batch mode with the following command:

sftp -b my-sftp-commands  -o Port=42686  thor-ct4@hanuma.ifm-geomar.de

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