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GENUS 2011

This poster session was held during a final meeting at the end of GENUS phase 1 and provides a good review of the research topics and first results carried out between 2009 and 2011.

TP-0: Impressions
TP-0: GENUS Overview
TP-1: Climate Model REMO
TP-2: Nitrogen Model
TP-2: Zooplankton
TP-2: Oceanography
TP-2: Phytoplankton
TP-3: Nitrogen Cycle
TP-4: Carbonates
TP-4: Fish Stocks
TP-4: Larval Gobi
TP-4: Microzooplankton
TP-4: Horse Mackerel
TP-5: Chaetognata
TP-5: Zooplankton
TP-6: Pelagic Copepods
TP-6: Zooplankton
TP-6: Calanoid Copepods
TP-7: Krill Ecology
TP-7: Krill Physiology
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