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Data System

Data management and data quality assessment of THOR have been conducted with the primary goals in mind that data collected within the observational core themes will be made immediately available to the modelling groups for implementation in the Assimilation models and for evaluation in comparison with the coupled runs. Likewise immediate data transfer between the different observational groups is mandatory, to achieve the goals of the project.

The running solution: Since May 2010, the core themes (CT 1, 3 and 4) and the project office have set up a workflow system at IfM-GEOMAR (Partner 8), consisting of a web part for scientific and technical communication and a SFTP data server for the rapid transfer of scientific data, both observational and of model origin. At current stage, the observation data can be accessed by logging into the data server through the project website; the modelling data will be accessible once the user possesses the authorization key from the scientist in charge. In the long run, the simple log-in procedure will be replaced by the authorization key solution.

The responsible scientists from different CTs will be taking care of the quality control of the incoming data (s. contacts in CT data collection); the IT service at IFM-GEOMAR supports the technical service and procurement of hard and software as well as the system maintenance; information flow will be managed through project office or among core themes individually; the financial contribution for data management is administered by the project office under work package 6.1.

During the life time of the project, the data will be used and are only accessible among the project teams. The life cycle of this data system is 3 years - up to the end of 2012. After the project terminates, THOR data will remain at its storage location for a limited period of time and it is also considered to upload part of the data to international data centres; Regardless of the location, the data will be made available for public access.

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Observation Data: CT3

Model Data: CT1 | CT4


Description of the data system

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