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Institute of Oceanography
University of Hamburg
Bundesstraße 53
D-20146 Hamburg
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Maritime Intelligent Workplace for Weather Information Network, Guidance and Supervision onboard Ships

The main objective of the WINGS-FOR-SHIPS project is to improve the Decision Making process of ship masters on board of High Speed Crafts and port managers on land related to weather information by designing an intelligent maritime workplace. WINGS-FOR-SHIPS as a new maritime workplace for decision support, will set up a Computer Collaborative Working Environment based on e-work among suppliers, actors and users of maritime weather information for dynamic sharing of on-line meteorological data, such as wind, waves, and currents.

WINGS-FOR-SHIPS is coordinated by METTLE and involves 15 partners from 8 countries.

Please find more information at the  WINGS-FOR-SHIPS homepage.

Together with  MétéoMer, University of Hamburg covers the oceanographic aspects of the project, including modelling and measurements. University of Hamburg's WERA HF radar has been deployed during the Nice-Corsica demonstration trial.

Map of radar sites